iPad Or Other Tablet Car Or Truck Dashboard Mount

    Options included in price:
  • Black or Beige Top Strap.
Padrack iPad car truck dashboard mount

Use the Padrack as a base to mount your iPad or other tablet computer or iPhone or other smartphone cradle of your choice to your dashboard. Available 2015.

  • Designed in California  for commutes, road trips, local navigation.
  • Designed for adaptability.  Select a cradle arrangement from the wide variety at RAM Mount or other manufacturer. Choose what fits your needs!
  • Designed for navigation.  Easily view your favorite navigation app on the large screen.
  • Designed for stability.  Four legs with upper and lower straps secure the Padrack almost anywhere. Minimal vibration even on rough roads. Avoid blocking any part of the windshield or airbags!
  • Designed for convenience.  Tilt the iPad up, down, or to either side, raise or lower the mount on the dash, works in vehicles with an open defroster vent.
  • Designed for portability.  Install or remove in seconds after initial setup. Use in rental cars.
Padrack iPad car truck mount

Padrack base and straps with the Ram Mount X-Grip III Universal Clamping Cradle for 10-Inch Large Tablets, Ram Mount Long Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Bases, and the RAM-B-238 RAM 2.43" x 1.31" Diamond Base with 1" Ball. (Not included with Padrack.) Many other options available from RAM Mount and other manufacturers.

Padrack iPad mount frame


  • Hook the top strap to the defroster vent to position the Padrack base anywhere against the dash or console. Elastic straps below the Padrack hook under the dash or at the bottom of the console for tight stability - and safety.
  • Tighten straps for a stable mount with little or no vibrations even on rough roads. Depending on the dash design sometimes moving the top hook left or right in the defroster vent will yield a more stable mount.


  • Dimensions: 5" wide x 2 1/4" deep x 5 1/4" high.
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Polycarbonate plastic base.

Do not buy the Padrack if you are an idiot.

NEVER EVER drive and watch movies, text, read your email, use social media, play games, or any other distraction on the iPad! The human brain can not multi-task. You could easily kill others or yourself and it happens all the time.

US Patent 9,108,575 B2


  • Fast and easy to attach to the defroster vent and below the dash or the bottom of a console. Fast and easy removal. No tools needed. Remove to avoid signaling to thieves that you may have an iPad in your vehicle.
  • Works in most vehicles. (Careful with Mercedes.) Highly adjustable positioning on the dash or console and with tilting and turning ball and socket mount. Never mount in front of the windshield or airbags!
  • Access dashboard controls under the Padrack. Position the Padrack to optimize access.
  • Easy portability for rental cars. Unpack from a suitcase at the airport and quickly install in your rental car. Designed for hectic business travel. Land with your route already setup in your favorite iPad app.
  • Landscape and portrait positions.
  • Convenient for charging the iPad.
  • Tilt the cradle up or down to reduce or eliminate reflections on the iPad screen.
  • Easy access to iPad buttons and earphone jack.


  • Vehicle manufacturers spend millions to design safer dashboards and controls. Additions to the dash, including the Padrack, decrease safety. We made design choices to improve safety over competing designs.
  • The elastic bottom straps allow the Padrack to be pushed away from impacting body parts.
  • Thin plastic base should break if impacted by a body during a crash and provide additional safety cushion.
  • Safety features may fail in an extreme crash. Injury is unlikely, but possible, if the vehicle's safety features do not fail but every crash is different. You assume such risk with the purchase and use of the Padrack.

    Terms and Conditions For All Users:

  • The Padrack has a 1 year materials and workmanship warranty. Proof of purchase required.
  • Never mount over an airbag.
  • The use of seat belts and vehicles with airbags for all front seat occupants is required.
  • The driver is not allowed with this product to watch videos, participate in social networking, read news, text or answer emails, live text chat, or any similar activity when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Do not mount within the driver's view out of the windshield. California Highway Patrol studies show that this is dangerous. It is illegal in most U.S. states although this law is widely violated with devices attached to windshields with suction cup mounts.
  • We do not warrant the safety of this product. The type of vehicle, driving habits, installation, collision conditions, use of seat belts, and the functionality of airbags are beyond our control and directly impact the safety of this product. You decide the level of risk you are comfortable with.